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Is caving an outdoor or indoor adventure? Amazing experience, regardless. Find out more in our new issue. #outdoorsindoors — with Mark Richardson.

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Today we're heading over to beautiful Yorkshire and checking out Rowten Pot over in Kingsdale...

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Who needs a club hut, when you can have a moving club hut?! How awesome would this be?


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Fantastic caving mission down Yorkshire's Rowten Pot. Awesome technical SRT trip with some big badass pitches. Super cave @ Rowten Pot, Kingsdale, Yorkshire Dales National Park...

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Women Cavers: Extraordinary Women Leaders in Speleology...

Steph Dwyer

Dwyer, a chemist by day, is a 10 year cave explorer, co-ordinator for the Ario Caves Project and faculty member of Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician Institute (WEMSI). She is an active caver and has caved all over Ireland and Europe; she teaches rope work, rescue rigging and regularly brings novices caving. She is a member of the core team for the Irish Cave Rescue Organisation as a wilderness medic and rescue rigger and is currently the organisation's first aid officer. She also leads expeditions for the Oxford University Cave Club. In 2013 she lead a 6+ month expedition to Picos de Europa, a cave in Spain after attending a 3 month expedition there the year before and continues to share her knowledge through numerous conferences and trainings. Great work Steph!

SOURCES http://www.mountainfest.co.uk/programme/event/petzl-underground-session-feat.-gavin-newman-steph-dwyer-and-chris-jewell






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