Giants Hole

Posted: 17th Apr 2011 (0 comments)

17th April

A short notice, impromptu trip to everyone's favourite, Giants Hole. The weather was lovely, which makes a nice change, as the other two trips I've done have been in what could charitably described as bloody awful weather. This was also the first trip I've done in about a year (I'm not counting Stream Passage, as I got stuck in the first 10 feet and gave up), and certainly my first outing since I broke my ankle last summer. This time we went all the way to the bottom via Geology Pot, the first time I've done that route. I must say, I wasn't impressed by some of the in-situ kit. There was an old krab that was flexing alarmingly when Bec was abbing down, and she's 5st lighter than me. Still it held long enough for us to all get up safely. The knotted ropes were fun (although possibly not for Bec), and more importantly (at least for me) is that I didn't actually get stuck going through The Vice or any of the other squeezes. Chalk one up for a years worth of going to a decent gym.