Safety and Conservation

Callout Procedure

No caving trip should go ahead without someone being aware of your whereabouts, the number of people in the group and an expected return/call back time. These should be arranged beforehand

Cave Conservation

All possible care must be taken to avoid damage to cave formations/deposits, etc. Also to any property including walls, fences, etc and repair made where possible. The Club carries Civil Liability Insurance through an appropriate agency.

No litter should be discarded anywhere. (including spent carbide)

The Rubber Duck Caving Club visit our adopted caves at least once yearly for a clean-up trip.

Cave Safety

All shared equipment is checked regularly for faults etc and repaired/discarded/renewed as necessary. An inventory is carried out annually by the Equipment Officers. Personal gear should also be checked regularly.

Respect should be given to the cave and it's environment. It is the responsibility of everyone in the group to declare themselves fit for any trip undertaken and to be responsible for their own safety and to respect the safety of others.

Decisions by Meets Leaders concerning any members fitness, all safety aspects and the planning and organisation of trips, must be adhered to. Members must liaise with Meets Leader before attending meets.

Other information

First Aid Kit(s) and Survival Bags to be taken on all Club Meets.

Please also refer to the Rubber Duck Caving Club charter (Download) for our rules and views on conservation and member responsibilities.