2014 Membership Fees

Club Membership£13.00
BCA Insurance£17.00
Yearly Total£30.00
Meet fee£2.00 per trip

Membership fees for the Rubber Duck Caving Club are £13.00 per year at present. (This fee will be waived for new members for the first year, or part thereof).

There is also an obligatory civil liability insurance through the British Caving Association of £17.00 (reduced by £4.00 per quarter) giving a total of £30.00 as of 2012/13 - BCA insurance can be obtained on an individual basis. More information on the BCA insurance scheme can be found on the BCA website.

We also pay £2.00 meets fee on each club trip attended to cover regular replacement of equipment.

A copy of the Rubber Duck Caving Club charter can here found here - Download